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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Citrus Fragrance

I have a weakness for Citrus fragrance, and I love all fragrances with citrus scent, I'm currently using:

Eau de Toilette

Girl by GianMarco Venturi is a floral fragrance for women. Girl was launched in 2003. Top notes are orange, grapefruit and lemon; middle notes are cinnamon, freesia and lotus; base notes are musk and cedar (100ml/ 3.38fl oz.)

I got this at SASA last year, and as you can see is nearly finished, so I was looking for a replacement and found out that this is no longer available at the local stores... I've been using this for nearly an year and never realized that there were grapefruit and orange in it, the only scent that I've detected was lemon.

If anyone has a good lemon fragrance to recommend, please do so, but I need a fragrance that comes with at least 100ml, because I have a heavy hand when it comes to fragrance.


Orange Eau De Toilette Spray 300ml/10oz
An aromatic, sensual fragrance
Sparkling, refreshing, alluring
Top notes of mandarin orange, neroli, bergamot
Middle notes of orange, freesia, white rose, water mint
Base notes of tonka bean, amber, musk, white woods & oakmoss

The name already describes it, it is a orange scented fragrance, and it comes in 300ml / 10oz (the bottle it's huge), I got this last October for about $500+ (I don't remember exactly how much it was), and 1/3 is already gone (I didn't even used it daily....), just like I've said I have a heavy hand for fragrance.

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