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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ultima II Haul

Interactives Help Skin Help Itself - Immediate Rescue Stick - HK$185.4 for 15ml

Mid (the big box):
Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen Eye Contour Reconstructing Treatment
It contains 5ml x 4 vials and 3 pairs of collagen eye pads
HK$ 1,529.5

Bottom right (three tiny boxes):
3x 15ml Cellular re-new eye cream
This was a free gift

My little experience with Ultima II:

I 'd never came back from a shopping spree feeling so low, because I've spent over HKD$1,600 on products that I did not wanted. I knew that it was my fault for being so weak....

Well, I've always heard that Ultima II sales lady are very persistent and that a lot of people do not agree with their selling tecniques. I've never had any experience with them, because I've always stir away from them.

Unfortunately, I was at Watson't today, and was searching for the new revlon colorstay lipstick which I couldn't find, and this really "nice" lady found it for me and helped me with a few more purchases (I can't believe that I didn't even realize that she was from Ultima II).

Once I got all my products she'd started to suggest that the immediate rescue stick would get rid of all my acne marks and the recent breakouts that I'm having. I've already started to be skeptical about her, but when I've asked about the price and was told that it was only HK$180, I've decided to get it.

I've paid her the money and that's when the nightmare began. She wouldn't give me back my change nor my product and kept on persisting me into getting the eye set which was HK$1,500. By then, the good impression that I had about her was already gone, but I didn't knew how to get away without being rude, so I've agreed in buying it again..... (yeah I know I'm stupid)

But don't even think that she's satisfy with these, she kept on pestering me for another 15 minutes before she let me go...... I've learned my lesson and I've promised myself that I'm not talking to any Ultima II sales lady ever again....


  1. yea the sales lady is pretty annoying. the phone trick usually works. just say u gotta go. and u need your change now. and honestly, u already paid some money its not like ur walking away after her selling u with stuff. dont feel bad though, i heard this brand is really really good. hope to see this review soon =)

  2. Thanks for the tip,I'll just have my phone ready, whenever I'm near this counter.