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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clinique Pore Minimiser Serum

Contents: 40ml
Price: HK$220

According to clinique's webpage:

A lightweight lotion that immediately and over time minimises the appearance of enlarged pores due to excess sebum production or from aging and the breakdown in the collagen lattice.

Features and benefits:

Minimises appearance of pores over the long term by repairing collagen structure around pore wall.

Immediately minimises the appearance of pores.

Exfoliates dead skin cells to prevent future clogging and prevent build-up.

How to use:

For use on areas with large pores, with or without makeup. This can be used day or night.

My Opinion:

As the weather is getting warmer, the oil around my face is starting to creep out again. I've started to use this for about a week and my skin is just looking better everyday.

I have huge pores around my cheek area, and although this does not instantly reduces my pores size, I did notice that they've become less noticeable after using it for a week.

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