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Monday, April 19, 2010

Eyeconic Heated Noble Lash Curler

Price: HK$39

How to use:

  1. Start curling after 15 seconds from power switch on
  2. Put lash board underneath your eyelash, and, after raise up lashes a little, press and fix it for a second.

My Opinion:

This is absolutely useless, and I think my traditional eyelash curler works better than this....

It takes ages for me to curl my lashes, and if you are into dolly eyes, forget about it because you'll never achieve those effects.

If you only want a slight tilt of your lashes, this might work for you, but I think the traditional eye lash curler works better.

I've got nothing against heated lash curler, I just think this is not hot enough to achieve the desired result, but for only HK$38, what more could you expect....

I think that I might try the panasonic later, because I've watched some great reviews on youtube about it.

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