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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hitachi Face Crie - NC-550

Price: HK$700

I got mine from Japan, which end up being more expensive than getting it from a seller in HK, which should be around HK$500-600

This is a galvanic treatment machine, and if you are not aware of what galvanic is, go check out my previous post on my Sota Bio-Beauty (Galvanic) article.

This one differs slightly from my previous one (sota) because it only works for deep cleanse, so far I'm very satisfied with this machine because as you can see from the last picture, it really does remove all kind of dirts from my skin.


  1. Hey, I still couldn't figure it out how to use this machine. My cotton pad was quite clean after using this machine as if the machine doesn't do any work at all. Do you massage or just press your skin gently?

  2. I just press it gently to my skin.
    did you dampen your hand and held the metallic part(on both side) of the gadget while pressing it to your skin?