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Friday, August 27, 2010

Liese Designing Jelly II - Swing Wave

Contents: 75ml
Price: HK$49.90

According to Kao's webpage:

Product Features:
Hair does not feel oily, sticky or stiff after styling. You will not experience the usual stickiness from wax nor the stiff, hard look that results from using gel. Allows you to re-shape your hair anytime. The Designing Jelly spreads easily and allows you to style and re-shape your hair quickly without fuss.
One-touch pump design that prevents styling products from getting under your nails.

This product comes in 4 texture, and II Swing Wave is designed for soft, fluffy waves. It gives curls definition with a soft, fluffy finish. Wavy hair looks soft and swings in a natural way.
My Opinion:
I already did a review for the Liese Designing Jelly III - Nuance Make, which I'd loved, however this version was a huge disapointment. It left my hair super sticky while it was unable to hold the waves, the bottom of my hair was frizzy while the top was greasy (not a good combo).


  1. Can I know how to apply the designing jelly??izzit apply before the hair dry or apply after the hair dry?and can I know when applly it,need to blow the hair ?izzit every jelly apply the same way coz I bought jelly 1..

    1. I usually apply it while my hair is still damp, and for most of the time I don't use a hair dryer, but if I'm going somewhere special I'll just use the dryer after applying the gel.