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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lucido-L Designing air Hair Spray (Firm Hold)

Contents: 160g
Price: HK$36.90
Local of Purchase: Mannings

According to Lucido-L's webpage:

Designing Hair # Hair Spray
Keeps all kinds of styles firmly in place!
Non Stiff and Natural Finish

Product Details:
  • smooth and flexible finish with no stiffness
  • keeps created styles for many hours even on a humid day
To use:
  • After styling, spray gently at a distance of about 10-15cm from your hair.
  • Keep style in place firmly with no stiffness

My Opinion:
For those of you who might not have notice, this is actually my first review on hair spray, that's because I always air dry my hair and never really needed hair spray. But as I've mentioned on my recent hair product article, I've changed my hair style, and have been curling my hair on a daily basis, and hair spray has become a necessity.
Before I start reviewing this product I had to whack myself, I've started this blog to record every beauty items that I've tried with the intention of never again buying something that I didn't like, while I was reading some of my previous reviews on Lucido-L products, I've noticed that I've hated most of their hair care products, while I still went ahead and got this hair spray....
Yeah I know I should have read before I made the purchase, but as usual, I got something without thinking and ended up with a hair spray that didn't hold anything at all. It did gave me a bit of volume, but that was not the reason why I got a hairspray....

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