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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Otsuka Skin C Collagen Jelly

Flavor: Passion Fruit
Contents: 7 packet
Price: HK$69.00
Local of Purchase: Mannings

According to Sasa's webpage:

Low molecular collagen peptide 15,000mg is luxuriously mixed in each pack Skin C Collagen Jelly. Individual packing is easy to carry and convenient for nutrition supply at anytime and anywhere. After 1 week consistently taking, you can feel a dramatic moisture boost, leaves skin soft and satisfied. Take it regularly and over time, you will see younger and healthier skin for a moisturized and radiant look.

Sugar free, caffeine free, preservative free and Passion fruit flavored.

According to the package:

Collagen C Jelly Strips for Skin Enhancement & Beauty
Enhance Skin Elasticity and & Radiance (Tasty Passion Fruit Flavor)

7 Active Beauty Ingredients in a Jelly Strip:
Fish Collagen (2150mg), Glucosamine (15mg), Chrodroitin (7.2mg), Vitamin C (15mg), Hyalluronic Acid (1.5mg), Royal Jelly Extract (3.6mg), Low Molecular Polyphenol (1.5mg)

Other Ingredients:
Fish Collagen Peptide, Erythritol, Black Vinegar, Fruit Vinegar, Shark Cartilage Extract, N-Acetylglucosamine,  Royal Jelly Extract, Hyalluronic Acid, Processed Litchi Polyphenol, Acidulant, Gelling Agent (Thickening Polysaccharide), Fragrance, Vitamin C, Sweetener (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Tea Extract, Tea Extract (some of the ingredients contain gelatin)

My Opinion:

I'm not sure if this product really does help with my skin, but it does taste DELICIOUS, I was told to take one packet every night before sleep, and I've already finished my first box. I didn't really notice any difference on my skin texture, but I still went back to get a few more and I'll keep you updated next month, because I intend to take this for a month before deciding if it works.

This product comes in 3 different flavors and each flavor serves a different purpose, passion fruit for collagen, apple for hyalluronic acid and mango for placenta.

I got the apple one as well, and I intend to blog about it later, but I'm not sure about mango (placenta), has anyone tried that out?

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