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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Belle Madame All-In-One Blender Sponge

Price: HK$36.00
Local of Purchase: Sasa

According to Sasa's webpage:

Belle Madame All-In-One Blender Sponge is different from normal make-up sponge. The calabash-shape sponge is designed for perfect make-up fit. It can be used to apply foundation, concealer, blush and eyeshadow, and set make-up.
The material used is not easy to adsorb liquid foundation. It helps you save liquid foundation.
It is specially designed to avoid traces of make-up to appear on the face. It creates perfectly fit, flawless finish
how to use it
Before applying make-up, soak All-In-One Blender Sponge in water, and then remove 80% of the water from it.
  • 【To apply foundation】
    Use the round bottom of the Sponge to spread liquid foundation over the face.
  • 【To apply concealer】
    Take a little concealer / liquid foundation with the tip of the Sponge. Gently apply to areas that are not easy to reach with traditional sponges, such as nosewings, corners of the mouth and dark circles, by touching briefly and spreading. Press slightly for perfect make-up fit.
  • 【To apply blush】
    Take a proper amount of blush with the spherical surface at the bottom of the Sponge and apply to cheeks.
  • 【To apply eyeshadow】
    Take a proper amount of eye shadow with the tip of the Sponge and gently spread over the eye sockets. Apply layer by layer for more gradations. It goes especially well with the cream-type eyeshadow.
  • 【To set make-up】
    Take a proper amount of loose powder with the spherical surface at the bottom of the Sponge and its rim. Touch briefly and spread over the face for evening out skin tone and natural shading at the periphery of the face.
My Opinion:
I've never been a sponge person, and I always like to apply my makeup with a brush, but since everyone is raving about the beauty blender I had to give it a try. I got mine back at 2010, and broke it after using it twice, and I since it has costed me US$20 I went out to search for a dupe.
I've seen this at SASA and it was only HK$36.00 so I got one to try it out. This is alot sturdier than the beauty blender, but apart from this, it's not comparable to the beauty blender. The size of these sponges doesn't change even when soaked up with water and it doesn't blends well. I wouldn't compare these to the beauty blender, but they do resemble the makeup sponges from Shu uemura, really good quality sponges.

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