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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 2013 Sample Attack

Although I've claimed that I do not intend to review samples on a monthly basis, I've recently found out that I had a drawer full of samples and I really do need to use them up. I though I might as well document it so that I can consult my blog on my next shopping trip.
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum - £127.00 / 25ml
No. of trials: 2
I was skeptical about snake serums, but I was also skeptical about snail skincare products, and now they are basically part of my daily beauty regime.
I've tried this twice and fell in love with the scent, it's the best citrusy scent that I've ever smell, but the product itself didn't really do much for me. I went to check out the rating for this product on makeupalley and it was pretty low, and since this product appears to be really expensive (retails for 127 pounds) I think I'll just skip it, but I might try out the Korean version which seems to be alot more affordable. 

L'oreal Revitalift White Advanced Anti-Wrinkle & Spot Corrector Day Cream SPF18 - HK$189/50ml
No. of trials: 10
Although this is a day cream, it feels really thick and heavy on the skin, I've been applying a really thin layer and it stills feels heavy.
La Roche Posay Uvidea XL Cream Procelain SPF50 - HK$280/30ml
No. of trials: 3
Another product that feels super heavy on the skin, but I found that there is a lighter version, so I might want to try that next.

Swiss Program Caviar Lifting Eye Contour Cream - HK$747/15ml
No. of trials: 2

The lady at SASA was really generous by giving me 5 packets of this product which amounts to 10ml of products, unfortunately this didn't work for me, after using it only twice I've started to develop milia underneath my eyes, so I've stopped using it immediately.

Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Body Lotion - HK$225/8.5fl oz
No. of trials: 3 weeks

I had several tubes of this product, because it was included in the bathroom amenities of the hotel that I've stayed on my last trip. This is a really light lotion, and I think it'll only work for someone with really oily skin, it feels very watery and it gets absorbed almost instantly. This wasn't moisturizing enough for me.

ROC Multi-Correxion Anti-Age Moisturiser - HK$400/50ml
No. of trials: 1 week

It appears that most of the skincare products that I've tried this month were all too heavy for my taste, and this is another product that felt heavy, and it left my skin shiny.

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