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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ipsa Refiner Water Massage

Contents: 75g
Price: HK$320.00

According to Ipsa's webpage:

A massage cream that changes fatigued, dull-looking skin into healthy, vibrant-looking skin. This product not only massages the skin but also promotes blood circulation. It helps maintain moisture by finishing up the massage with a motion of patting the skin. Furthermore, it firms the skin, leading to smooth skin without visible pores. In addition to its massage effect, it refines the skin's texture through the effects of moisturizing ingredients, helping create soft, bright skin with translucence.

How to use:

In the morning or evening skincare regimen, place an amount equivalent to two scoops of a spatula on five areas of the face (both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) and massage the skin.

Method of massage
1. Using the entire fingers of both hands, gently stroke the skin in a slow, circular motion. 3 times for the chin, 3 times for the cheeks and 3 times for the area below the eyes toward the forehead in a large circle
2. Lightly stroke outward from the center of the cheeks to calm the skin down.
3. Lastly, pat the skin so that the product blends well with the skin.

My Opinion:
The picture above is for the old packaging, this product is still available at the Ipsa's counter but in a new packaging.
I got this product back at 2009 and never got around using it, and since I'm limiting my purchase on beauty related products, and this one is about to expire, I had to start to use it.
This is one of those gel creams that once you massage into your skin water droplets will form. It's suppose to hydrate and improve blood circulation.
I've started to used this according to the instruction, and it takes about 2 minutes for the product to be completly absorbed, and it really does hydrate my skin.
I got kind of innovative and decided to massage the product into my skin with Hitachi Hada Crie (sonic massager), I've used the moisturizing mode and it was a disaster, the product got so thick that the gadget was unable to glide over it, so I kept on reapplying more products....
For the next trial instead of reapplying more product, I've decided to spray it with water, even though I did not reapply any more product, it stills got thick, and I've concluded that this product works better with your fingers, and I've only been using this as a night treatment, because it feels heavy in the morning.

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