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Thursday, July 10, 2014

PDC Pmel Glitter Eye Color

Shade: Nude Beige
Price: HK$98.00
Local of Purchase: SASA

According to SASA's webpage:
PDC Pmel Glitter Essence Eye Color makes lower eyelids look full and teary. It contains collagen, squalane. No fragrance, no mineral oil, no alcohol. Resistant to tears and sweat.
There's a full list of ingrediens in Japanese which I'm not even goint to attempt to translate, but according to PDC's webpage, the main ingredients are collagen, retinol derivates, hyalluronic acid and squalene.
My Opinion:
This comes in 2 shades, pink and beige, and since pink never looks good on me, I got it in beige.
According to most of the Japanese magazine, girls are highlighting under their lashline, like the picture underneath, it's suppose to give you a bright eye look.

I've tried this method, but it didn't look good on me, it just emphasis my eye bags, so I've been using it mainly around the tear duct area to open up my eyes.
This comes in a sponge tip applicator, and the product is actually inside the cap, so you have dip into the cap to get your product.
This is not glitter, is just a pearlescent powder that will brighten up your eyes, and since the applicator fits perfectly into my inner corner, it makes application so easy.

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