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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop Essence

Contents: 45g
Price: HK$245.00

According to Skinfood's webpage:

Water-based, it relaxes tired skin with water-rich lettuce and cucumber extracts, collagen and vitamin ingredients. Provides long lasting hydration and moisture retention on the skin.
My Opinion:
Another item that has been sitting on my drawer for ages, and I've never got around using it.
I don't really understand why I've never been a huge fan of Skinfood's skincare, because after going thru the list of skinfood's skincare producs that I've tried, I've ended liking alot of it and have actually repurchased several of the face masks.
I think the main reason that I don't purchase from Skinfood is because I've been dissapointed with most of their makeup products, and that's why I've been stirring away from this brand.
Anyway back to this product, it has a gel texture that once you rub it into your skin it turns watery and it gets absorb almost instantly. Great product for the hot and humid summer days, it feels really light on the skin and I've been using this almost daily.
My only complain is the container, the pump sucks and it has stopped working after using it twice, I 've ended up pouring the product straight out of the container. I'm unsure if I got a bad bottle or if all container sucks, but overall this is a really good product.

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