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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Etude House Hair Tools Bang Cut Kit

About 8 months ago I got some straight bangs and found that it requires alot of maintenance, I basically need to trim my bangs every 2 and a half week, and since I don't have that kind of time and money, I've decided to do it myself.
After going thru a bunch of youtube videos, I've decided to get this kit and started to trim my own bangs. First off, the scissors sucks, it's so blunt that it takes forever to trim my bangs, so I got rid of it, and gotten a pair of decent scissors.
My first attempt took me nearly half an hour to trim 1/2 inch, because after watching so many videos I've learnt that I shouldn't just cut my bangs straight across, but to nip it vertically. However, after a few cuts, I found this technique to be time consuming and I did what I should not, I've cut it straight across, and was left with blunt bangs.
Honestly, I kind of liked the final results and have been cutting it straight across every 3 weeks. I think I'll keep on cutting my hair until I'm tired of bangs and want to grow it out.

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