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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ion Beauty Machine

I think this is one of the first beauty gadgets that I've got, and since then my collection has been growing, but most of them were left in my beauty graveyard while this one still gets my attention, at least when I start to break out.
Honestly I do not remember where I got this, or how much it was, but since ion beauty gadgets are so popular now you could get one everywhere.
My usual routine to tackle any breakouts:
  1. Deep cleanse my skin, either with a mask or Hitachi Face Crie;
  2. Start rolling the Ion Beauty Machine all over my face;
  3. Whenever it starts to tuck, spray some water (I'm using evian, but any water will do)
The whole procedure (excluding the deep cleanse) should take about 5 minutes, this process would take away any redness, and it'll speed up the healing process of any breakouts.

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