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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2B Alternative For Leg

Contents: 80ml
Price: HK$134.00
Local of Purchase: Mannings

According to the package:
2B Alternative for Leg applies solution specifically for Lower Leg Muscle, which direct tackles different types of leg problems, like muscular tensionand dropsy problem on legs, it successfully helps to make the leg feel its original smoothness. Hyalyronic Acid is added into the ingredients which is suitable for the tightening and skin elasticity of the lower legs.
Target to the Muscular Tension of Lower Leg: Adapting Arigireline Solution into the ingredient, 2B Alternative For Leg brings this top class ingredient to relief muscle tension, and allows them step by step to remain the inborn supple. Naturally, makes the skin be soft, soothe and moisturized.
Target to the Dropsy Problem of the Lower Legs: The dropsy problem is the main concern of the lady for the calf shape, regardless in office or on flight. That is why Gurana Extract, and Caffeine are added into the ingredient to help getting rid of excess water, and effectively shaping the beauty of the lower leg.
Continuously use for 2-4 week, the lower leg will start to feel the relief of muscular tension. (Result may various depends on individual's body status). Sign of progression on skin and firmness will be found. After 8 weeks treatment, Argireline Solution further helps you to improve the shape of the lower leg, leaving your calf soft, soothe and supple.
Ingredients: Aqua, Hyaluronic Acid; Propylene Glycol; Guarana extract; Caffeine; Acetyl hexapeptide-3, Ginseng Extract; Sodium Polyacrylate; Menthol; Phenoxyethanol; Trideceth-6;  Lavender Essence Oil; Carnitne; Paraffinum Liquidum; Methylparaben; Butylparaben; Ethylparaben; Propylparaben 
Usage: Take one strawberry amount of slimming gel and apply to where it need. Massage from lower leg up to the knee until it is fully absorbed by your skin. Recommend to use after shoer at night.
My Opinion:
I've been using 2B Alternative Skirt Ready on my legs for over a year, but when I saw that they had a new product that targets the calf area, I got one to try out.
Honestly, I didn't really notice a difference between these two products, they have the same texture and they even smell the same, and after going thru the ingredients list, the first five ingredients on the list were almost identical.
Since 2B Alternative for leg comes in a smaller bottle (80ml), costing about $1.7/ml, while the alternative skirt ready comes in a bigger bottle (120ml), costing $1.5/ml, I'm going to stick with the skirt ready.

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