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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Used Up Products

1.  The Body Shop Blue Corn Deep Cleansing Mask
     I didn't realize that I did not review about this product, but since this is a product that I
     always go  back during the summer, I could review it later, this is one of my all time


10.  O'sulloc Water+ - Lemon flavored

12.  Yankee Candle Tarts Wax Melts - North Pole

13.  Yankee Candle Tarts Wax Melts - Mistletoe

14.  Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets

15.  Mandom - Pucelle Mist Cologne - Eccentric Breezen

16.  Thayers Premium Witch Hazel - Lemon

17. Leeds Beauty Puff - these are basically cotton wipes

18.  Ultima II Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen Eye Contour Reconstructing Treatment

19.  Harajuku Lovers Fragrance - Love

20.  The Body Shop Vitamin C Plus Time Release Capsules

21.  2B Alternative Skirt Ready


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