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Saturday, February 15, 2014

December 2013 and January 2014 - Empties

I apologize for the lack of posts since December, because lately I've been obsessed with snowboarding and that is basically the only thing that I've been doing. I'll try to be a bit more consistent on my posts, but I can't guarantee daily posts until the end of March.
3.   Saty's Deep Cleanse Essence
This is an ionized deep cleanse essence to be used together with SOTA Bio- Beauty, but since mine broke down ages ago, and my new Hitachi Face Crie does not requires any special essences it took me forever to finished this stuff. 

4.  Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off

5.  Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Face Powder

6.   Leed Beauty Puff

8.   Crappy Powder Brush - I got this when I've first started with makeup and didn't realize how scratchy it was....

9.   O'slee Whitening Sleeping Mask

11. Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit and Lemon Grass Scent Roll On Deodorant - There aren't that many deodorants for you to choose here in HK, I usually rotate between Dove and Rexona.
15.  The Body Shop Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash - this is a moisturizing hand wash that I've really liked, but recently I had some arguments with the body shop cs, and they've really irritated me, so for the near future I won't be purchasing from them.

18.   Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator

19. Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo - Essential used to be my favorite hair care product, but this particular shampoo really weights down my hair, luckly I only got a small bottle.

20.   Harajuku Lovers - Music

21.   TCM Eliminates Eye Lines, Wrinkles and Puffiness Eye Mask
 22.  A bunch of expired stuffs that I have found while I was clearing my drawer. I really need to cut back on my purchase..... 


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